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We are here to help those involved in the community of sport or those who would like to help this wonderful community.

We here at Sports Chaplaincy UK have a dream to see an expression of God’s love and compassion practically demonstrated in every community called Sport. Sports Chaplaincy UK have a big heart and a big vision to embrace the World of Sport knowing we are making a positive contribution and impact across each of our Home Nations.

Sports Chaplaincy UK is on an incredible journey and we are more excited than ever about the future. The Community of Sport consists of over 151,000 clubs totalling 25 million men, women and children – what a mission field! And we, the Church cannot ignore a community of this size and significance.

If you have a heart after God, a passion for people and may be you like sport, we would encourage you, challenge you, dare you to join us on this journey…you will not be disappointed.

May you be inspired and challenged by what you read, thank you for your prayerful consideration of support

Every blessing,

Warren Evans
Chief Executive Officer

Warren Evans CEO