New to Chaplaincy?

If you’re new to Chaplaincy you will need to complete the steps below before you can access the chaplains area.

  1. Fill out an Expression of Interest form. This will provide us with the information necessary for starting the process to become a Chaplain.
  2. Someone from the Sports Chaplaincy team will conduct an interview with you based on your expression of interest form.
  3. Once the interview has been completed you will need to subscribe with a membership for £5.00 per month. This will give you access to the Chaplains Area.
    FYI: You will need a password to check-out the membership – this will be provided to you by one of the Nation Directors during the interview.
  4. When you complete check-out for the membership registration you will be emailed a username and password. You can use these to log-in to the Chaplains Area.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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