We at Sports Chaplaincy UK take safeguarding very seriously. SCUK Safeguarding Policy and Procedures are attached. As a member of SCUK you will have attend a Induction Day/or days that will have included a Safeguarding Taster plus a Safeguarding Sheet and reminder of the process and support that is in place. In our tri-agreement ‘Code of Practic‘ which is signed by all parties and which states the community you serve ensure that the relevant police checks (DBS, PVG etc) are made and that each chaplain attends a Sports related Safeguarding training.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and whether you work directly or indirectly with the vulnerable groups or in community of sport and fitness you must ensure that your community have the policies and procedures in place.

Research supports this by showing that abusers target organisations where there are no policies or procedures in place to protect children and vulnerable adults and where they will achieve easy access to victims. For example, an organisation where children/vulnerable adults are not the main focus and are less visible will open up an opportunity for abusers.

We should never make assumptions when it comes to abuse, as it can occur in every kind of setting.
We work and support SNGB’s, club and fitness communities who should all their own policies in place. Every club should have a safeguarding lead, every SNGB will have a safeguarding lead, every council will have a safeguarding lead and every church and church denomination will have a safeguarding and as indicated in a Safeguarding sheet we would encourage all chaplains to know who they are and have their contact details.

Sports Chaplaincy UK Safeguarding Team

Matt Baker

SCUK Safeguarding Lead & English National Director

David Chawner

Trustee Safeguarding Lead & Chair of Trustees

Gill Camina

Independent Advisor

If you have any concerns, please contact us directly or email safeguarding @sportschaplaincy.org.uk. If yours or anyone else’s life is in danger don’t hesitate to contact the police.