SCUK-SCore-logoThe charity was established in 1991 as SCORE, resulting from the pioneering work in sports chaplaincy of John Boyers, under the guidance and direction of leaders of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Over the next 20 years the charity grew from its initial base in professional football to involve chaplaincy in Horse Racing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket and Athletics.

From the start the charity has been an interdenominational organisation equipping and resourcing individuals (predominantly clergy) from a wide variety of Christian backgrounds to serve the world of sport through chaplaincy. The model used has been that of building relationships from which pastoral and spiritual support can be offered as required.

Over the years the charity has also been involved with the provision of chaplaincy to major sporting events from Olympic & Commonwealth Games to World Championships in Rugby League, Rugby Union, Amateur Boxing, & Athletics.  The charity aims to work with local organisations and national the organising bodies of sport, a relationship which is exemplified by the provision of support from Racing Welfare, Premier League, Football League Trust & PFA and the Scottish Football Association to name but a few.

The charity is governed by Trustees elected at the AGM, and the staff are supported by an Administrator based in the Manchester office.

In 2011 the charity changed its name to Sports Chaplaincy UK, since then we have developed a wider leadership team and training packages. In January 2015 the charity appointed Warren Evans as its new CEO. Sports Chaplaincy UK continues to grow significantly as it serves the world of sport through excellence in chaplaincy.

CEO Warren Evans & Founder Rev. John Boyers