Sports Chaplaincy in Wales

Across Wales more than 70 chaplains serve across a variety of sports. They offer pastoral and spiritual care offering support in a variety of sporting settings. You can find the latest news and useful resources to do with sports chaplaincy in Wales on this page.

Martin Lewis
National Director for Wales

Chaplaincy can play a vital role in the day-to-day lives of players and staff at football clubs. I applaud the work undertaken and would encourage players and clubs alike to link up with Sports Chaplaincy UK.

Jon Butler
Cymru Premier General Manager Football Association of Wales

Martin, Heather and the Sports Chaplaincy Wales team are a wonderful addition to our events. They, along with the team of chaplains they recruit and manage, have been involved in supporting participants, spectators, volunteers and event staff since 2019. We are so lucky to have them as part of the team.

Rachel Madge
Run For Wales

I think this sports chaplaincy is really important for players or coaches to have an avenue where they can go and deal with issues of life, not just rugby and sport, with someone who is impartial, totally confidential, and able to really help them in a pastoral way. I think it’s such a vital service because players and coaches alike, we suffer from a lot of things, life in general and not just sport and rugby things. There is a lot of issues that the players have to deal with. If you are a young man and you get injured it’s very serious and can affect you mentally. It is so important that players and coaches have that support and I think that a sports chaplain, along with many other things in their role, offers that.

Byron Hayward
Former Welsh international rugby union player

Our chaplain has been invaluable to us as an organisation. She has been a fixed point of support for our senior players and workforce for almost 18 months. We are excited about her expanding the support to our age group squads over the coming months and look forward to her joining us for many more seasons to come

Sarah Jones
CEO, Welsh Netball

Mae Uwch Gynghrair Cymru JD yn falch o gymerwdwyo’r gwasanaeth pwysig ac ymarfeol hwn. ‘Rydym, fel Cynghrair Cenedlaethol, yn hapus iawn bod y gefnogaeth bwysig yma ar gael i unigolion o fewn ein clybiau.

JD Welsh Premier League

The JD Welsh Premier League is proud to endorse and recommend this important and practical service which has been made available to member clubs of our National League in Wales. We’re very happy that this support network is easily accessible to individuals at our clubs.

JD Welsh Premier League

Providing Sports Chaplaincy has become an important part of our approach to equality and ethical behaviours. Aside from providing a friendly, familiar face and an open door to confidential advice and support for everyone, there have also been occasions when our Sports Chaplains have made significant and timely interventions supporting athletes, staff and wider service users through some difficult and challenging times.

Jon Morgan
Exec Director of Disability Sports Wales

Sports Chaplaincy has been of huge personal and group benefit within our female international team camp environments. The support has been provided within all our age group teams and senior squad and has proved to be extremely beneficial for players.

Jayne Ludlow
Women’s National Teams Manager Football Association of Wales

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