This year’s conference will take place Online – dates 5th, 6th and 7th October 2021.


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Fit To Serve - A Holistic Approach

As we set out at the beginning of 2020, none of us could have imagined what was ahead and what would be the devastating impact of Covid 19 as it rapidly became a global pandemic. As chaplains we are serving our clubs and sports against this backdrop where people are broken by the impact of the pandemic. Many are grieving, many have lost their jobs, many have lost confidence and the mental health & well-being of the population has suffered greatly. It has impacted people in so many different ways and as chaplains it is important to acknowledge the context in which we serve and equip ourselves accordingly. The world is realising more than ever the need for a holistic approach to

As Christians we understand the connections between body, mind and spirit that make us human beings and God’s children. The focus of the conference this year will be reflecting on this together and looking at a holistic approach to our work and the tools we need to build resilience for ourselves and those we serve. Through a series of presentations, workshops, prayer, worship and theological reflection from keynote speakers we will be encouraged, challenged and stretched to become the people & chaplains God has called us to be.

More information to follow shortly.