SCUK England Day Conference 2023

North 5th October – Wrexham FC Racecourse (10am – 4pm)
South 12th October – Reading FC – Select Car Leasing Stadium (10am – 4pm)

Called to make a difference in the Margins.

Within the sporting world a great deal of attention is given to the margins. You often hear about the fine margins, those things that are quite small but can make a huge difference. Specialists are brought in for many sports to look at those fine margins and how, by a simple change, there can be added value to performance. This could be around many aspects including sleep, nutrition, exercise, clothing design, and so on. Often in looking for the fine margins of gain it is about looking at small percentile differences that can be the difference between winning and losing.

The ministry of Jesus was often in the margins and he often spoke of how the smallest things can be the most profound. Look for example at the Parable of the Mustard Seed. The tiniest of all seeds that grows into the largest of trees, a parable about the growth of the Kingdom of God.

As Chaplains we are called to make a difference in the margins, to be added value, supporting those within our clubs or sports groups by being pastorally proactive and spiritually reactive. To take this calling seriously we need ourselves to be nurtured, educated, and trained in this vital work so that we can be adequately equipped to be the mustard seed, the salt and the light.

It is for these reasons we want to encourage you to join in the newly shaped conference this year that gives us some of the tools for this work. In particular we will be looking at Trauma Training, how we support and minister to those in our clubs and sport going through various forms of trauma.

Instead of an overnight conference, to reduce costs and to encourage greater attendance we will be holding 2 one day conferences, Conference North at Wrexham FC on 5th October and Conference South at Reading FC on 12th October. Both conferences will be alike with the same training so you have the choice of which one to attend. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Reading FC – Select Car Leasing Stadium
Reading FC – Select Car Leasing Stadium
Wrexham FC Racecourse
Wrexham FC Racecourse