Date agreed by the Board: 3rd March 2021 – Author David Chawner

Sports Chaplaincy UK Compliments and Complaints Procedure

Sports Chaplaincy (SCUK) is committed to responding to complaints promptly, fairly and sensitively and being accountable to the person making the complaint.
We will acknowledge mistakes where they have been made, put things right wherever possible, and use this to learn and improve what we do.
Instructions on how to complain can be found below.
Alternatively, if you would like to give us a compliment, please also use the contact details given below. SCUK values all feedback.

How to complain:

  • You can make a complaint in person to any member of staff or volunteer.
  • All complaints will be considered in the first instance by the organisation’s Safeguarding Leads or, where there is a potential conflict of interest, by SCUK’s Independent Safeguarding Advisor. This is to ensure that any complaints or communications that indicate possible welfare or safeguarding concerns are responded to and managed in line with our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
  • If you are not satisfied with the response you receive or the complaint is of a more serious nature, you can send your complaint by email or letter to the address below.
  • You can make an anonymous complaint and we will record and review this in the same way as any other complaint (i.e. we will identify if mistakes have been made and implement changes where necessary). But we will not be able to let you know what we have done. Please note, making your complaint anonymously will also mean we have no way of seeking further background information from you that could help in resolving your complaint.
  • We will record what your complaint is about and your contact details and acknowledge your complaint within five working days. This information will be held on our Complaints and Compliments system with access limited only to SCUK staff who are relevant to your complaint.
  • If we pass your complaint to another agency or organisation (because we are required by law or contract to do this) we will let you know. We will give you as much information as we can about who will be handling your complaint in the other agency or organisation.
  • We will normally provide a response within 28 days from the date of your complaint.
  • If it is going to take longer than 28 days to respond to you, we will contact you to explain why this is and give you the date by which you can expect to have a response.
  • In our response to your complaint we will:
    o describe what was found and acknowledge if any mistakes were made and whether changes have been and/or will be made as a result of your complaint
    o give you as much information as possible balanced against necessary confidentiality and compliance with our legal and statutory duties
    o ask you to tell us if you are satisfied with the response.
  • If you are not satisfied because you believe that we have not responded properly and fairly to your complaint, we will record this and instigate a further review. We will let you know who will provide this further review of your complaint (within five working days), their contact details and the date they will respond to you by (within 28 days from the date you tell us that you are not satisfied with the first response).

SCUK’s CEO (on a regular basis) and Trustees (annually) will review complaints, the subsequent outcomes and learning, and the feedback about how complaints were handled.

Contact details
Postal address:        Sports Chaplaincy UK, Odsal Stadium, Rooley Avenue, Bradford, BD6 1BS

Version 2 – adopted 20th February 2021