National Sports Sunday: 19th May 2019

“The start of a journey”

CEO Warren Evans“We have the privilege of working with wonderful leaders & churches across our Nations all making a positive difference. We believe God has given us a dream to see an expression of his love & compassion in every community called sport from your elite club to your local health and fitness club.

The community of sport consists of 25 million men, women and child AND I BELIEVE GOD cares for them.

If we look at a community no different to anyone else are we any different? We “the church” need to look at this community through the eyes of a compassionate God and see what he sees.

If you have a heart after God and a heart for people why don’t you join us on the journey, be intentional and make a difference”.


If you or your church are interested in becoming a “Champion Church” please contact us for more details.