At Sports Chaplaincy UK we have a Dream: “To see a chaplain, an expression of God’s love and compassion in every community called sport”.

As a charity our VISION is to impact the community of Sport positively by:

“Providing and supporting chaplains in every professional and amateur sport in the UK & Ireland”

To help us achieve this, our MISSION we aim:

“To initiate, nurture, support and resource high quality Sports chaplaincy to the community of sport”  and to “equip, challenge, and enable the faith community to engage with their community called sport”.

Sports chaplaincy is now commonplace in Football, Rugby Union, and Rugby League, but there are over 151,000 sports chaplaincy opportunities that need to be filled.  This involves finding a club / sporting organisation ready to embrace sports chaplaincy, and identifying the right person for the role. We seek to achieve this through working in partnership and co-operating with sporting governing bodies and club; working with Christian denominations and agencies. In addition as an organisation we are proactively involved in seeking, supporting and developing an expansion of chaplaincy into the gym, fitness, and wellbeing community.

Sports Chaplaincy UK is a Christian charity which aims to provide consistent and high quality chaplaincy through;

  • Induction training
  • A Professional Sports Chaplain appointment process
  • Continual Professional Development
  • Sports Chaplains support network
  • Sports Chaplains resource library
  • Professional accreditation

For all of the sports chaplains you will read about on this site our priority is NOT winning at all costs, our priority is to serve and help people. As chaplains we are not involved because of the kudos, not involved because we are fans, we are not even involved to bible bash or proselytize – but we are involved because we have the compassion of Christ for all of those integral to the sporting industry.

The vast majority of a sports chaplains work is confidential, so you will not find on this site a detailed breakdown of our work, rather an overview. You will though see that every sport with which we engage are grateful and appreciative of our work.