Arthur Bowles – Tribute

Friends and colleagues throughout Sports Chaplaincy UK will be sad to hear that Arthur Bowles, Chaplain at Norwich City from 2001 until 2015, and since then Chaplain at Great Yarmouth Town FC, died on 19th January. Although he had been unwell in recent years, his death was unexpected.

Arthur brought many qualities to the role of Chaplain, with his warmth of character and caring nature, his wisdom and experience, and the depth of his Christian faith. Several current and past staff and players at Norwich City have paid tribute to Arthur, and sent condolences, but I will quote from a tribute from the facebook page of ‘Great Yarmouth Town FC “The Bloaters”’

‘The club were devastated to hear the news that its Chaplain, the great Rev Arthur Bowles had passed away on the 19 January 2021. Arthur became the club chaplain in February 2015, and has provided wonderful support to the club in the past 6 years as a loyal supporter, committee member and so much more, to so many.
His connection with the club goes so much further, and his link to the local area runs deep for so many. This is such a difficult loss to deal with at this awful time. There are few who get talked about with the reverence he holds in the local area, and many are hurting with the news today. No more so than the wonderful family he leaves behind, who the club will support in any way we can in the coming weeks and months.
We will look to honour the life of Arthur when we resume football activity in the coming months, and discussions will take place within the club to work out how we can do justice to the life of such a great man, who has positively touched the lives of so many in the local area and within our club.’

That Great Yarmouth Town FC tribute is so apt and echoes my own sentiments, and those, I’m sure, of many friends and colleagues involved with Sports Chaplaincy UK.

It is a privilege to pay tribute to Arthur, and I thank God for his life, his ministry, his service to the community and for his pioneering contribution to the development of Sports Chaplaincy, especially in Norfolk.

Bert Cadmore
January 2021

Arthur Bowles
Arthur Bowles