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BALLYMENA United Chaplain, Rev. Alastair Beattie, has said put your trust in God in the knowledge “you can face and weather” the Covid-19 storm.
Rev. Beattie has been in contact with United Chairman, John Taggart, and manager David Jeffrey.
“As I understand everyone is well at present but I will continue to monitor events as they develop,” the Chaplain told Guardian Sport.
“ I trust all connected with Ballymena United FC are well and surviving the Covid crisis.”
Rev. Beattie agreed it is a “very strange and unsettling time” that everyone is seeking to make their way through.
Reflecting on the recent Easter season the Chaplain said it was a “ season with a great message of hope for everyone.”
“Out of the death of one innocent man, followed by the glorious resurrection, we can say there is hope, because Jesus is alive,” he said.
“There is forgiveness because Jesus is alive, we can face uncertain days because Jesus is alive.”
Rev. Beattie said to follow a football team is good and enjoyable too, but to follow Jesus is a joy beyond compare.
“Jesus himself said to his followers, “Believe in God, believe also in me.” If we trust in God we know we can face and weather the storm,” he said.

Myriad of talented people behind the scenes

Meanwhile, within the Northern Ireland Football League at every club there is a myriad of talented people behind the scenes supporting the players week in and week out.
From the manager, in the frontline and his coaching and medical staff, the administrative staff, the scouxts, the sponsors, the tea ladies, those who launder the kit, the groundsmen – the list goes on.
Among these is the Club Chaplain.
The Sports Chaplain is increasingly becoming part and parcel of club life across the spectrum of not just football, but sport as a whole.
Within the Danske Bank Premiership and Bluefin Championship there are chaplains at most of the 24 clubs.
Sir Alex Ferguson commented “Chaplains can be of help to all sorts of people involved with sport, when crisis, need or difficulty comes. I commend the idea of sports chaplaincy and the work of Sports Chaplaincy UK to you.”
And with the current Covid-19 crisis wiping out all sport it is good to know the Chaplains are there,willing and able to assist if necessary.
So what is Sports Chaplaincy and what exactly does a club chaplain do?
Chaplaincy is primarily aimed at the care and welfare of players and staff but also at the wider community of people within the club including supporters and families of players and staff.
Working professionally, caring sensitively, demonstrating integrity and maintaining confidentiality are all the hallmarks of the Club Chaplain.
The following A to G of Sports Chaplaincy defines what the role normally involves.
A – Acquaintance – The club chaplain seeks to develop natural relationships and to build trust with the players and staff through regular, natural interaction.
B – Being – The Chaplain is there at Games, Club events as they take place, sharing the experiences allowing for opportunities to connect with players, staff, families and supporters
C – Caring – Caring for players, staff, their families and supporters is an important aspect of chaplaincy. This focuses on supporting them through lifes events (injury, bereavement, retirement), caring for them through the normal treatment and rehabilitation process, including hospital visitation.
D – Development – With the number of young adults and players involved in football, it is important to provide for their personal development. The provision of life-skills training, help with integration into the wider community and advice on the preparation of “life after football” are areas where the Chaplain can add value.
E – Events – Chaplains will also engage to reflect the highs as well as the lows of peoples lives in celebrating life. This may involve the Chaplain in Special occasions such as weddings, christenings, or seasonal events such as Christmas or Birthdays.
F – Formality – In a more formal capacity the Chaplain can provide a vital and recognisable link with the Community. As well as Church services in which Chaplains are involved on the clubs behalf, they can also assist the club with safety and disaster procedures, write articles for the clubs programme etc.
G – God – Chaplains are motivated by a real and dynamic Christian faith, but they are available to all people irrespective of faith convictions. Chaplains are pastorally proactive and spiritually reactive, ensuring they do not impose their beliefs on others.

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