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November 18th 2021
Armagh Hockey Club is delighted to announce the dual appointment of Malcolm Kingston (men’s section) and Sarah Parkinson (ladies’ section) in collaboration with Sports Chaplaincy UK as support chaplains to the hockey club, as part of their commitment to club welfare.

Sports Chaplaincy UK are a non-denominational Christian charity who train and equip chaplains to serve within sports settings. Chaplains are primarily encouragers but are also excellent listeners, professionally trained to help people navigate through difficulties in life and to provide pastoral support and spiritual care for everyone.

Speaking at the launch, Club Chairperson Niall McCool said, “It is our pleasure to be able to announce to our players, coaches and families that we have added two new members to our oversight structure. We are deeply committed to our member’s welfare, wellbeing and safety in all forms, whether it is physical or pastoral. The leadership of the club believe that we should be making a positive contribution to create a caring environment, with support mechanisms in place to serve anyone who may need it within our hockey club setting.”

“This further reinforces our commitment to all our players and staff at Armagh Hockey Club. We feel extremely responsible for all our members and have made it a priority to promote a safe and positive culture for all. We have recently been accredited with our ‘Club Mark’ award which is a standard of excellence for sports clubs. Accompanying this, we have supported our coaches through safeguarding, lifesaving defib and first aid training and we feel the appointment of our Chaplains add another layer of confidential support within our club.” remarked Club President Michael Dickson

Malcolm Kingston, Club Chaplain commented, “Being a Chaplain to a Hockey Club is a new experience for me, but one I am looking forward to! I would really like to thank the Club Committee for this opportunity and look forward to getting to know players and the coaching teams, and just being someone who can be there to encourage and help in any way that I can.”

“It is a pleasure and honour to be welcomed as the new Chaplain for Armagh Ladies Hockey Club. I’m looking forward to getting to know all those involved within the team and associated with them and support them in both the joys and challenges of everyday life. It is my aim to be a listening ear, a word of support and an encouragement to all at Armagh Hockey.” replied Sarah Parkinson, Club Chaplain

Sometimes on our journey, life can present each of us with many difficulties. Our new club chaplains are here for everyone in the club. So, whatever worries and concerns life throws at you – please know that they are here to listen and to help.

Contact information for Malcolm and Sarah will be available through the proper club communication channels over the coming days.