Baptist Minister and cricket chaplain Andrew Scott has written a fictional story about a batsman who is struggling with his mental health and performance as an adult, recreational cricketer. The story touches on themes like mental health, depression, forgiveness, faith and pastoral care.

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From the Introduction:
In a sporting culture in which the intense pressure to succeed can negatively affect a person’s well-being, here is a heart-warming story about club cricket. An adult returnee to cricket has sunk into a mid-life depression based on the frightful handicap of his past and a series of battles in the present. But the socialising aspect of the game helps to lift this failing batsman up and out of his own shrinking world, towards a new discovery of the power of friendship and faith and a new perspective on what it means to be competitive. Humans are endlessly fascinating, life is for living and recreational sport at its best can enliven body, mind and spirit!