After three seasons as the clubs Chaplain, Garry ‘The Rev’ Whittaker is set to leave Hornets at the end of the current season, as he changes parishes and moved away from the area. The Rev joined Hornets ahead of the promotion winning season of 201 3 and has been an integral part of the club since then, supporting players, staff, coaches and supporters through various aspects of everyday life.

The role of a chaplain is a broad one, covering all aspects of welfare, advice and guidance to players, supporters and staff a like. The Rev has been the first port of call for many during his time, supporting people through illness, injury, the good times and the bad, providing support, advice and guidance.

‘I was approached by Tony, the Oldham chaplain, who explained he knew of a Rugby League fan who fancies getting involved in Sports Chaplaincy’ commented Hornets CEO Ryan Bradley.

‘I had no idea what a chaplain did! Tony was great, explaining the role of Sport Chaplaincy UK and going into detail on what he does at Oldham and what others did at their clubs.
ye, Rev!

‘Garry is a great bloke.
I was honestly a bit wary at first as I wasn’t sure how the role would be perceived by the lads.

Garry won everyone around pretty quickly, which is testament to him personally.

A problem shared is a problem halved and having someone to open up to without being judged, someone who you know will keep things confidential and someone who has a good support network is a very useful tool.

We are very sad to lose Garry. Whoever comes in will have big boots to fill.

You can’t underestimate his contribution to the cause in the last 3 years. He’s turned players form around, stopped players leaving the game, helped fans through illness and supported staff through tough times, personally and in work.

He is a top bloke who will be sorely missed and we wish him all the best for the future.

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