Sports Chaplain for Swansea City Ladies Football

I have been working with Swansea Ladies since August 2016. SCUK was invited to explore this, following very positive relationships that have been built over the years with the men, and academy teams. I am the only ladies football club Chaplain in Wales, although SCUK does have a Chaplin working with Welsh National Ladies team.

Most of this season has been getting to know the players, and support staff. As this is an amateur team, we train and play in 3 different venues, so finding some time to talk can be a challenge. The team ranges in ages from 16, up to early thirties, so this covers school college, University, and those who work for a living.

I usually attend one of the weekly training sessions, and the home matches. As I am also a qualified physiotherapist, I do offer some help and support in terms of physical well being.

I have been warmly welcomed into the team, and have enjoyed getting to know everyone, and all their challenges. We talk about the stresses of work, exams, home life, coping with injuries, and general offering any support when it is needed. I am also going to be starting to give little `workshops` soon, starting in March, with the first one being on stress, and coping. The coaching team are very open to receiving support on well being.

The girls always joke about their swearing, and do apologise when I am around!

I hope that over this year, I have been able to be a God influence on them, offering faith based advice on a whole range of things. It has been a privilege to be involved, and it’s amazing what time and effort that people put in to volunteer to keep these things going