Prayers for the economy and finances of sport.

  • Pray for the OWNERS , CEO’S . CFO’S , CHAIRMEN and TEAM MANAGERS – they will be tasked with the decisions of building a revised business model to support the needs of the Players , staff , volunteers , supporters and themselves as administrators .
  • Pray for PLAYERS who will be faced with uncertainty about their contracts and their future in the game.
  • Pray for all the people that make up SPORTS CLUBS , ORGANIZATIONS and COMMUNITIES that they will remember well the benefits of sport and the camaraderie it invokes as well as the delight in winning and success.
  • Pray for the CEO’S . CFO’S and COO’S of NATIONAL GOVERNING BODIES as they likewise build revised business models to support the needs of their respective sports at Elite, Amateur and Grassroots level

Prayers provided by Philip Mitchell, Sports Chaplaincy UK National Director for Northern Ireland.