Retiring Norwich City chaplain Rev Bert Cadmore was honoured during a service at Soul Church in Norwich last night (April 2), by fellow chaplain Jon Norman, Canaries assistant manager Frankie McAvoy and club captain Russell Martin.

Bert is stepping down at the end of the season after 16 years in the role and fellow chaplain, and pastor at Soul Church, Jon Norman, arranged a tribute to Bert in front of a congregation of around 600 people.

Jon said: “There are hundreds of players and support staff and their families at Norwich City that Bert has touched over the last 16 years, and it has been an honour to work alongside him. Bert is a true gentleman full of integrity and honour and is dearly loved. We are very different to each other but we have the best relationship and we work together so well. We just wanted to say a huge thank-you tonight.”

Norwich City assistant manager Frankie McAvoy paid tribute to Bert and affirmed the role of the club chaplains and said, “when things don’t go right and when they do go right they are always there for you to offer help, support and guidance.”

In a video message, Norwich club captain, Russell Martin, said: “I just want to say thanks from all the players past and present, who hold you in high regard Bert, and thanks from the football club for 16 years of service. Thanks for being a great supporter and always a positive influence and a smiling face around the place, regardless of results and the highs and lows over 16 years.”

Matt Baker, Pastoral Support Director for national organisation Sports Chaplaincy UK, of which Bert is a trustee, paid tribute in a video message: “Thanks for all you have done at Norwich City over the years Bert, also as a trustee at Sports Chaplaincy UK. For me it is Bert’s humility which stands out above all else, in introducing new people and ideas to the Norwich City chaplaincy.”

Bert said: “For me the role is about providing a supportive friendship and of just being there for the players and for everyone else, being a presence and hoping that does something for the ethos of the place.

“At Norwich City it is time for me to step aside and for someone younger to come in and take things further with Jon.”

Former Norwich City Chaplain Arthur Bowles was also present at the evening service.

Pictured top, Bert Cadmore is presented with an inscribed glass plaque from Soul Church by Frankie McAvoy and, above, Jon Norman and Bert share a hug. Pictures by Thom Law from Soul Church.