As published on the Welsh Gymnastics website.

Looking after the wellbeing of our community is one of the highest priorities here at Welsh Gymnastics, and in recognising our commitment to providing opportunities for support and guidance – both in and outside of sport – we are delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Sports Chaplaincy UK.

Taking care of your mental health and wellbeing is an incredibly important task, particularly within competitive sport, and we believe that it is our responsibility to provide regular care, support and a listening ear whenever possible.

For that reason, we have found a great partner in Sports Chaplaincy UK who will be coming on board to look after the wellbeing of our fantastic squads, coaches and staff. SCUK offering a holistic approach to welfare, being available to listen and provide support to anyone who needs it.

Who are Sports Chaplaincy UK?

SCUK help facilitate the activities of Chaplains within UK sport. They work in close partnership with sports governing bodies who recognise the need for quality pastoral and wellbeing care, and encourage chaplaincy throughout sport.

Martin Lewis, Director of Sports Chaplaincy UK for Wales said:

“Sports Chaplaincy is delighted to partner with Welsh Gymnastics and help provide holistic wellbeing support by offering pastoral and spiritual care through our chaplains; Heather Lewis, Amanda Smith and Diana Davies. Initially this will be for staff members and the artistic and rhythmic elite squad gymnasts and coaches, and hopefully over time to further squads.

Our chaplains offer an impartial, non-judgemental, confidential listening ear and practical ongoing support to allinvolved where everyone could benefit from their support.”

How will chaplains be helping with at Welsh Gymnastics?

Each Chaplain will bring with them a range of skills, knowledge and individual expertise. In general, chaplains are extremely supportive and bring a non-judgmental, confidential listening ear and an empathetic and compassionate presence, as well as encouragement, support and comfort in the challenging arena of gymnastics.

This might be supporting a gymnast who is suffering with a long-term injury, or helping an athlete cope with transitioning in and out of their programme. For all involved, it will include listening to and supporting the community through the ups and downs of life and supporting the gymnasts with a voice.

Ann Bevan, CEO at Welsh Gymnastics said on the partnership:

“I am absolutely delighted that Welsh Gymnastics are working closely with Sports Chaplaincy. I have seen first-hand the huge benefit that the bespoke pastoral support has given to athletes and there is no doubt that it has contributed to the personal and professional development of the athletes.

In Welsh Gymnastics, we want to ensure that the well-being of our gymnasts and our staff is at the forefront of everything we do, only then we will be able to deliver and support our members and that’s why our partnership with Sports Chaplaincy will be so important.”