This is a tribute to our dear friend Chris Battye, RFL chaplain to the Dewsbury Rams who sadly passed away on 22nd June ‘18, aged 71 after a 2-year battle with Cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with the family at this time.

I would like to take time to say how well loved Chris was. As a Chaplain, Chris was highly respected and an integral part of of the Dewsbury Rams. He helped to develop an environment at the club in which those who he served could grow personally and spiritually.

Chris was a caring person and always had a desire to help people. I remember one day I met up with Chris for a coffee and he greeted me with a big smile and shared how he was able to provide help and support to the team. His role was very important to him as was the wellbeing of those he came into contact with – he was always determined to do a good job.
Personally I appreciated having Chris alongside me as a fellow chaplain. I knew that he was someone that could always be counted on when the need arose.

Even though Chris was going through difficult times himself, he still still looked out for those around him. Through him I have learned that the important thing in life is to live with faith, hope, and love. He demonstrated this in abundance as he lived his life.

If we were without hope, we might mourn; if we were without faith, we might despair; however, the very essence of our Christian faith is hope. Hope, which is irrepressible and unshaken, despite trials and tribulations, despite tragedy and hardship, even despite death. Hope is the “anchor” of the soul and steadies us in storms, holds us up, and gives us a spirit to go on with our lives. When hope vanishes, our faith is weakened and there is pain, sadness, suffering, and mourning, for all has vanished. When hope is alive, our faith is strengthened and there is peace, comfort, joy, and love, for all things are alive.

Chris’s Funeral will be held on Friday 13th July at Mount Tabor Church at 10:30, followed by a burial. Afterwards refreshments will be served at Dewsbury Rams RFL club.

Antonio Hall