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New Club Chaplaincy Team….

We are delighted to welcome Paul Wallace and Graeme Orr to form the new Bready Cricket Club Sports Chaplaincy Team .

Paul and Graeme are well known within the area, family men with kids of their own , who pastor local churches and communities in Bready and Magheramason . Paul will lead as Bready Cricket Club Chaplain and Graeme will be Bready Cricket Club Support Chaplain

Sports Chaplaincy are the Christian charity who resource , train and support Sports Chaplains across the UK and Ireland and are part of Global Sports Chaplaincy . They have had the privilege of providing pastoral support and spiritual care to sporting communities in the UK and Ireland for over 30 years , irrespective of faith tradition or none , including support to a number of Cricket clubs across not only the North West , but also county cricket clubs in England such as Surrey and Lancarshire

Paul and Graeme are specifically trained in getting alongside people to help them cope with the stresses of life, promote positive mental health and wellbeing and to enable people to realise their potential and to contribute to community.

On the playing side this may for example, mean supporting a player with a long-term injury or helping a young player cope with disappointment and in general encourage them to hold their talent in conjunction with a bigger picture for their life.

For all members, it will include listening to and caring for an individual through personal or family illness, crisis, addiction, or bereavement , providing family support and in general supporting individuals through life’s ever-changing events.

Paul and Graeme are also willing to support players and members with life skill talks and to help make charity connections. And of course as pastors providing vital spiritual care to everyone .

Both will bring with them their own individual range of skills, knowledge and expertise and will not only bring a supportive ,non-judgemental, listening ear but also an empathetic and compassionate presence.

The support the guys will make available will generally involve visiting the clubhose or training facilities or match day competition venues on a regular basis where relationships can be developed , trust can be built and where they will be available to listen and bring support to all.

Welcome on board Paul & Graeme!!