As posted by the Daily Record on 29th November 2022

Livingston Women FC’s new chaplain says it’s a ‘privilege’ to be involved with the club.

Chaplains are commonplace at teams in the men’s game but significantly less so in women’s football and Dawn Westwood’s appointment has been hailed as a further step forward for the Lionesses.

Speaking to the Courier, Dawn explained her new role, saying: “Sports Chaplaincy Scotland is quite keen to have chaplains in with women’s teams. They really want the women to have the same things that the guys have and have that access and support.

“It’s good for the girls to feel that they’re deserving of having the same stuff that the guys do.

“They’ve got jobs as well as having to come in and play football and the pressures that can bring – it’s crucial that they know there’s support.”

She added: “My role is a pastoral care sort of role and really just getting to know the girls and spending time with them as well as being someone to be able to chat to about things.

“It’s a real privilege and I’ve been welcomed into the team by everyone. They’ve been great. It’s another positive step in terms of the professionalism of the club and the women’s game in general.”

The senior team’s head coach, Paul Jaconelli, said he was ‘delighted’ with the appointment.

He commented: “It’s a brilliant thing for the club. Anything at all that helps the girls can only be a positive. If even only one player chats to Dawn and it helps them, it’s absolutely worth it.

“I’m delighted she’s on board. The girls can go to her if they have any stress outside of the game. There’s somebody they can chat to and seek support and advice from.

“It’s crucial that player welfare and support is valued highly and this is another example.”