This week, our CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK, Warren Evans is offering the morning Thought of the Day on Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise.

Below is the text and audio to the first thought:
Putting God in the driving seat of your 219

Good morning and a very Happy New Year!

Today will be for many of us the return to normality after the joy and busyness of Christmas and the New Year break.

I can picture the sense in many houses across the land, the frantic rush getting ready for school or work. And let me be honest, it will be the same in the Evans household too.

However, during our time together this week, I want challenge us to think and reflect about whether what we have celebrated over the Christmas period has really made any difference in your life.

The default answer is to say yes, of course. However, I want to prod and may be even provoke you around this.
The visit of the Wise Men with their gifts for Jesus, God’s one and only Son. I want to explore those gifts and what they mean for us today.

We don’t know, as the scriptures don’t tell us how many Wise Men they were but we do know there were three gifts.

Gift One was Gold; the gift for a King.

I want to challenge us and ask whether Jesus is King of our lives as we return to work, do people around us know that we are followers of Jesus?

Jesus said; it is by our fruit that we will be known. Let me encourage us to begin this New Year differently. The Wise Men brought gold for Jesus because he was and is the King of Kings.

I want to challenge us to start this New Year, this new week by coming in gentle surrender to Jesus and to ask him sit on the throne in our lives, so we can truly say he is our King.

Whether you feel anything or not, God wants you to simply surrender your plans and purpose to Him, let Him be in the driving seat of your 2019, you may be surprised where he may take you.

My name is Warren Evans, CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK

Have a great day!