This week, our CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK, Warren Evans is offering the morning Thought of the Day on Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise.

Below is the text and audio to the final thought:

So what are our dreams?

Good morning,

It’s our final time together this week.

I hope you’ve found this week helpful and insightful. All week we have been thinking about how the relevance of the Christmas message is played out in our own lives.

A theologian says ‘a good city of tomorrow is built from the dreams of today’.

So what are our dreams?   Can we contribute to the dreams of our city?

When we look at the world, the same human needs exist which were present toJesus. So we must affirmed this gospel of liberation for our world and our own neighbourhoods.

Proclaiming loudly the message of grace and hope to a hurting world.

Whilst the poor have always being part of our history, there has always been a gap between ‘them’ and ‘us’. ‘Them’ are those who have very little and us who have everything that we could need. There is a difference between want and need. We may not be able to buy the sport cars but many of us have a safe home to live in. It has been argued that it was possible for those well off people to be free from poverty but wealth does not take away spiritual poverty it simply masks it.

Indeed there are those in our church buildings up and down our Nation which seem disengage from a world that God came to save.

In the New Testament, Paul reminds us that we belong to a community, and it is our coming together which enables us to meet people by bringing the message of hope to the poor and to bring freedom to the opposed. In a real sense, we are to stand arm in arm with those whom we know to be disadvantaged.

As we go out into this weekend, the challenge is: does our own behaviour at home, at work or among our friends indicate that the spirit of the Lord is guiding our lives as we seek to serve him and others around us?

I’m Warren Evans, CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK. Have a great weekend.